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    We are excited, in partnership with Rocky Mountain Pictures and Esponda Productions,
    to be bringing this important film to theaters in the US beginning in June.
    "An Open Secret" will have an invitation only screening at Cannes on May 19.

    Trailer Coming Soon
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    Coming to Blu-ray & DVD and Some Theatres in 2015
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    On Feb. 3, 2003, a single bullet pierced the wall of sound.
    Ended the life of one best friend,
    And forever changed the other.

    The True Story
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    "A dynamite directorial debut...Clooney, Savant and Pfeiffer aren't merely great-looking,
    but have genuine charm, ability and star quality."
    - Kevin Thomas | L.A. Times -

    The George Clooney cult classic, Official Re-release in HD
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    starring Amanda Peet, Michael Vartan, Peter Facinelli, Greg Louganis and Jane Lynch

    Official Re-release in HD
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    Available in Redbox kiosks everywhere

    Currently in Release in Germany
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    starring Joshua Burrow ("Captain Morgan")

    Currently in Release in The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom

We Are Vesuvio Entertainment

Always Indie.™

A Brief History

Vesuvio Entertainment fills a unique niche in the entertainment business by focusing not only on important, emerging new talent, but also on the synergy between filmed entertainment and music. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Vesuvio Entertainment Corporation, and its foreign subsidiary Vesuvio International, is known for producing and distributing high-end, independent commercial films, with an emphasis on the horror and thriller genres, but also reaching into other, more diverse areas.

Its growing film library includes such disparate titles as the early and critically acclaimed George Clooney film "Red Surf," "The Fear," and its sequel "Fear 2," and "Touch Me," which was an Official Selection at the Toronto International Film Festival, and stars Amanda Peet, Michael Vartan, Peter Facinelli, Greg Louganis, and Jane Lynch. Their thriller, 'Behind Your Eyes' is an award winning film that became the #2 best renting genre DVD in the US in a field of major studio releases. The company also was involved in the international distribution of "Craigslist Joe," from Executive Producer Zach Galifianakis, securing distribution in territories ranging from the Benelux to Israel, and on airlines worldwide.

Vesuvio's History
Vesuvio's Future

Looking Forward

Our 2015 slate contains equally diverse projects, ranging from the concert film, "Martha Davis and The Motels, Live at the 50th Anniversary of the Whisky A GoGo," filmed by two time Emmy winner Roy H. Wagner, ASC, and directed by leading choreographer Denise Faye, now in post-production, and the controversial drama "All Six Feet". Vesuvio's active talent management division brings additional synergy that includes actors and platinum selling, major label international music artists which further distinguishes the brand's unique footprint.

What Others Are Saying...

What Others are Saying

Empowering and Supportive

  • Vesuvio stands like a beacon of courage in a scared market because they put story, and talent first. Not only did they produce my screenplay, BEHIND YOUR EYES, and empower me to play the role of a lifetime, we won festivals and enjoyed full distribution. Sound fun? It is.

    - Daniel Fanaberia -
    Actor | Writer | Director
  • When I was asked to direct Daniel Fanaberia's Behind Your Eyes I took the job without hesitation. It was a very low budget on an impossible schedule and I was a first time director but never would I have expected the level of creative freedom and support I was afforded... I was treated like a veteran with a fat resume.

    - Clint Lien -
    Director | Producer
  • I have worked with Vesuvio Entertainment on a number of film projects and the experience has always been terrific! The company simply knows how to create the perfect climate for any filmmaker to succeed in their filmmaking efforts. I was given complete creative freedom and all the necessary tools to make a successful movie. I'm glad to have been able to be part of their filmmaking endeavors and look forward to doing it again in the future.

    - Akis Konstantakopoulos -
  • My first experience with Vesuvio was with their acquisition of my film "All Dark Places," but it won't be my last- the team there not only sold the film to great buyers and territories around the world, they also pass on promised revenue to us as the filmmakers. Doing business with Vesuvio is a genuinely transparent process.

    - Nicholas Reiner -
    Producer | Director

What You'll Find at Vesuvio

An Eclectic Catalog Spanning Three Decades


We are Vesuvio Entertainment


Reaching Screens Around the World

Vesuvio directly sells to important distributors in territories throughout the world, if this is your first time dealing with us, and there is a title, or titles you are interested in, please email your inquiry to us at sales@vesuvioent.com.


We're Always Looking

Vesuvio is always looking for completed, or near complete films for worldwide distribution. If you have a film you would like us to consider, please send details to acquisitions@vesuvioent.com.


Vesuvio Entertainment News


Martha Davis & The Motels signed with Vesuvio Artists Management, and its principal, Greg H. Sims, for worldwide personal management. Sims is the CEO of parent company Vesuvio Entertainment, based in Los Angeles, and an emerging brand in the indie feature world. Recent films include the in-house production and Redbox hit "Behind Your Eyes," starring Tom Sandoval from Bravo's hit show Vanderpump Rules...

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Talk to Greg Sims for just a few minutes and it is clear you're talking to a man who loves films and happily devotes his days to making them and seeing that they get shown. For those reasons, Tuesday, March 21, 2012 was a red-letter day in his life -- the day Behind Your Eyes, produced by his company, Vesuvio Entertainment, became available in the 33,000 rental kiosks owned across the United States by Redbox...

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Low Budget Films Find Larger Market

People often turn to entertainment in tough economic times and, as a result, Hollywood has been seen as recession-proof. But, major studios are struggling to make a profit and some are closing production units. One independent producer says the market has opened up for low budget films. Mike O'Sullivan spoke with producer Greg Sims about the new economic realities of Hollywood...

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Funding Rewarding Projects

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Domestic Offices

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